About Jason Sauer, MFA

Jason Sauer is a sculptor, arts educator, gallery owner, and classically trained painter who was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania before moving to Pittsburgh to teach. Jason is a decorated army veteran, skilled auto mechanic, and licensed building contractor who brings a unique set of refined technical skills, tradesmanship, and lived experiences to how and on what surfaces he creates. His commissions include painting on aluminum plates, creating sculptures from demolition derby wreckage, commercial building murals, and even painting dumpsters.

Jason is nationally known for his unique application of the demolition derby as folk art, driven by his lifelong fascination and participation in the Appalachian folk derby tradition. By painting the derby cars pre-competition and preserving the scraps post-competition, Jason seeks to show the power of rebirth and provide a new platform for storytelling that reflects our universal connections and longing for home.

In Pittsburgh, Jason is revered as an early pioneer in the creation of the Penn Avenue Arts and Commercial District, a once blighted corridor that is now one of the most vibrant and diverse arts and culture destinations in Pittsburgh. There, he co-founded Most Wanted Fine Art (MWFA), a multi-use art gallery, performance studio, and workforce development hub that has hosted hundreds of makers, performers, justice-involved youth, and resident artists from all over the world.

Jason has a Master of Fine Arts from Marywood University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Edinboro University. He lives in Pittsburgh's Garfield community with his wife and son, where he is often spotted driving the widely loved "Pittsburgh Art Car."


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